Saturday, April 2, 2011

NPM - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

In honor of National Poetry Month, we're presenting a poem each day for April. This is the second of the series: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace by David Rakoff, read by Zoey.

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  1. Neither Zoey nor I know for sure which poems the other is picking, and while I give my stuff to Zoey, and she uploads, she doesn't know what I've picked until I dropbox it over to her.

    I have no idea what Zoey picks until it gets downloaded to my iTunes, and I will say this:

    Never having heard this poem before, I was totally blown away. Loved it. The Scorpion and the Tortoise is one of my favorite fables, though I know it as The Scorpion and the Fox, and for it to be used the way it was here is just sheer awesome. Thank you, Zoey. That was pretty frakkin' awesome.