Thursday, June 28, 2012


In theory, and with any luck, the podcast should come back from (yet ANOTHER) unscheduled hiatus sometime in the next few weeks. Everyone on Team IOC has been super busy. Our two intrepid adventurers in the murky waters of CL personals have had insanely crazy lives, and neither of them have had time to breathe, let alone record a podcast (or update the facebook). Our editor, Mike Kweller is just a lazy jerk, who thinks he's all so flaming important because he edits it (and honestly, Tycho could do that, but doesn't because he doesn't like the sound of his own voice). Yeah, that means there are three or four miniepisode and a couple of Romantic Writing episodes just sitting around waiting to be done if he would only GET OFF HIS LAZY BUTT AND JUST DO IT. Our uploader to the podcast feed, Maura Kennedy has been super insane with all sorts of deadlines and sewing and costume making stuff, and deadlines and looming, and LSD/Acid trips wherein she eats the bark off of trees so even if Kweller would get off his lazy butt and edit, she wouldn't have time to upload them ANYWAY. Craigslist itself has been kind of boring, though Tycho did come across a particularly funny ad in the Casual Encounters section the other day (and no, he wasn't seriously looking through them. He's pretty much given up on girls. Ever.), so it hasn't been holding up it's part of the bargain, BUT. With any luck, everyone will be able to get together at some undisclosed point next week and hash out schedules, administer punishments for laziness, talk about plans for the future (Might there be a new podcast in the works? Maybe, but even Tycho and Zoey don't know because Maura is the one who had the idea and she won't tell anyone what it's about), watch some Marble Hornets, and just in general get caught up on Life, The Universe and Everything (A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference? That came out of nowhere... OR DID IT? Hint hint, but to what, Mike isn't telling, because he's a jerk and likes to antagonize Tycho and Zoey). So, there's that. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, we'll be able to start getting out some new material, which I know you all have been patiently waiting for, and thank you for doing so. Tycho, Zoey, Mike, Maura, our interns, and team IOC mascot Cricket all appreciate it. We know we've been silent, and not much has happened, but I PROMISE we're coming back, and it will be sooner rather than later. Stick around, stay subscribed (or resubscribe if you dropped us in the interim), and we'll have so much CL Craziness comin' at you that you won't be able to avoid it. In the meantime, if you're jonesing for CL Craziness, please please DO check out Llamanun and Dan's FANTASTIC blog Yousuckat Craigslist, found at Http:// You will not regret it. Thank you, and we'll see you soon.