Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov 7 - Happy Birthday Baz

Or, unbirthday, I guess.  Since we missed it.  Again, maybe missed is too strong a word.

Nov 6 - Red

Like whiskers on kittens...

Nov 5 - Election Night Memory

Sadly this will reach our listeners too late to fulfill this guy's wish.  Wait, did I say sadly?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tycho and Zoey Ramble About TV

... and movies and books. But first we tell bad jokes.

The first 20 minutes are spoiler free, but after that, all bets are off.   :)

Oh, and no stealing our awesome dessert idea.  We're counting on that for retirement money.

Also, mission accomplished on the upload.  yay!

Drinking the Kool-Aid and Being a Boy Scout

No, you didn't just shuffle to the middle of an audiobook, that's just a really long intro.  In this episode, Tycho heads to Chicago, while Zoey visits Phoenix, Santa Fe, Detroit!  Tycho gets his top hat and monocle on, we plug a guy who may not be doing that thing anymore, and, much later on, were-trucks.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bad Accents and Bocci Ball

Seriously, the worst accents ever.  NaPodPoMo for November 2nd!

Convinced You Don't Live in the City

So it's NaPodPoMo again, and Zoey spent all of the first away from her computer...  whoops.  At least we're starting off with the two remaining minisodes of old - here is the first for the first!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 Spooktacular!

Well...  Spook-pretty-darn-good, anyway.  Tycho reads one of the great scary stories.  Zoey may or may not upload something later, too.  Before you east coasters run out of Halloween, though, here's a tale.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Minisode - Victoria's Secrets

In this episode we learn that those eye-roll-inducing jokes are somebody's idea of sexy.  That's right, everything your parents did that made you want to die of shame as a teenager can now be used to pick up chicks.  Or something.  Also, did I miss some kind of rebranding campaign for Dillards?

Minisode - Barry Watch Guerilla Strike!

You've waited a long time for these minisodes, it seems only right that we check in with poor Barry first.  Sadly, iTunes had a different opinion, and refused to see the correct title link.  This one is a re-upload, folks!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


In theory, and with any luck, the podcast should come back from (yet ANOTHER) unscheduled hiatus sometime in the next few weeks. Everyone on Team IOC has been super busy. Our two intrepid adventurers in the murky waters of CL personals have had insanely crazy lives, and neither of them have had time to breathe, let alone record a podcast (or update the facebook). Our editor, Mike Kweller is just a lazy jerk, who thinks he's all so flaming important because he edits it (and honestly, Tycho could do that, but doesn't because he doesn't like the sound of his own voice). Yeah, that means there are three or four miniepisode and a couple of Romantic Writing episodes just sitting around waiting to be done if he would only GET OFF HIS LAZY BUTT AND JUST DO IT. Our uploader to the podcast feed, Maura Kennedy has been super insane with all sorts of deadlines and sewing and costume making stuff, and deadlines and looming, and LSD/Acid trips wherein she eats the bark off of trees so even if Kweller would get off his lazy butt and edit, she wouldn't have time to upload them ANYWAY. Craigslist itself has been kind of boring, though Tycho did come across a particularly funny ad in the Casual Encounters section the other day (and no, he wasn't seriously looking through them. He's pretty much given up on girls. Ever.), so it hasn't been holding up it's part of the bargain, BUT. With any luck, everyone will be able to get together at some undisclosed point next week and hash out schedules, administer punishments for laziness, talk about plans for the future (Might there be a new podcast in the works? Maybe, but even Tycho and Zoey don't know because Maura is the one who had the idea and she won't tell anyone what it's about), watch some Marble Hornets, and just in general get caught up on Life, The Universe and Everything (A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference? That came out of nowhere... OR DID IT? Hint hint, but to what, Mike isn't telling, because he's a jerk and likes to antagonize Tycho and Zoey). So, there's that. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, we'll be able to start getting out some new material, which I know you all have been patiently waiting for, and thank you for doing so. Tycho, Zoey, Mike, Maura, our interns, and team IOC mascot Cricket all appreciate it. We know we've been silent, and not much has happened, but I PROMISE we're coming back, and it will be sooner rather than later. Stick around, stay subscribed (or resubscribe if you dropped us in the interim), and we'll have so much CL Craziness comin' at you that you won't be able to avoid it. In the meantime, if you're jonesing for CL Craziness, please please DO check out Llamanun and Dan's FANTASTIC blog Yousuckat Craigslist, found at Http:// You will not regret it. Thank you, and we'll see you soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fair Warning: Rant Coming Up

I'm going to be writing for a bit, and it's really just sort of a rant, but also a bit of a deconstruction of a show I watched last night. Feel free to read it, and if you don't want to, you absolutely don't have to. I will not be offended. Also, there may be some facts wrong, and I may have some things incorrect. If that's the case, please enlighten and correct me.

So, I saw an episode of Whale Wars: Viking Shore last night. My dear lovely wonderful friend Rowan loves Whale Wars, and for the most part, I can get behind the concept. The Sea Shepherds fight Japanese poacher-whalers who are hunting endangered species of whales in a protected reserve illegally. Good deal. I can support that.

Viking Shore takes all of that, and applies it to a place that is almost the exact opposite. Here's the set up: the Faroe Islands, which are a principality of Denmark (itself a part of the United Nations), have a 1,000 year old tradition of whaling. Once a season, the migratory habits of the pilot whales take them to the Faroe Islands. There, the Faroese herd groups of them into various bays around the islands and kill them. For food, I should point out.

The Sea Shepherds take offense at that, and set out to bring their war to the Faroese, a small a chain of islands comprising maybe 48,500 people.

Sounds pretty good, right? Let's stop the evil terrible Faroese from slaughtering these innocent whales, who did nothing more than their usual migratory habits.

EXCEPT. (These, by the way, are all points that were talked about in the episode that I saw last night)
1. It's in Faroese waters, not international waters.
2. Pilot whales are not an endangered species.
3. It's not illegal.
4. The Faroese kill the whales strictly for food. Whale meat/blubber is, in fact, their main food source.
5. It's a cultural tradition that has gone back a thousand years.

Putting aside the fact that the Sea Shepherds all come across as asshole dickish douchebags, what they are doing is
1. None of their business.
2. Illegal.
3. At least to my mind, could be considered an international incident
4. Extremely intolerant
5. Assholish
6. Dickish
7. Douchebaggy.

And even that I'd be willing to let slide, until they went and did something that was so completely rude, offensive, unnecessary, and inexcusable, that they have earned my contempt and enmity, regardless of how much actual good work they do.

See, the Faroe Islands have a a day of celebration every year called St. Olaf's Day. As far as I understand it, it's like a Scandanavian St. Patrick's Day. When these assholes got word of that, they loaded up a van, stuck a bunch of pictures of dead whales on the side of it, and drove it straight into the middle of the outdoor celebration.

Now, St Olaf's Day has NOTHING to do with the whales. It has nothing to do with whaling. But these assholes drove straight into the middle of it, and started making a big stink.

At first, the Faroese ignored them. They just walked by and didn't do or say anything. It was a completely peaceful ignoring of their van and photographs.

So the assholes got out of their van, and started confronting people directly. People who did nothing to them, who didn't pick a fight, who were, in fact, ignoring them. They walked up to them, got right up in their face. Look at your dead whales, your stupid savages, they might as well have been saying (it was all there in subtext anyway), you kill these poor innocent whales so you can feed your families. How dare you. When that didn't get enough of a response, they put speakers up on top of their van and started playing recordings of whale songs and vocalizations.

How dare they, Sea Shepherds? How dare YOU, I say. How DARE you drag your sorry asses into the middle of their completely peaceful celebration, which has nothing to do with the reason you're there, and pick a fight? How DARE you sit there in your van, with your smarmy asshole holier than thou attitude and decry these people for doing what they need to to survive? Once, maybe twice a year, they kill a group of whales (which are not endangered, and which it is perfectly legal to do, in their own country's waters) FOR FOOD, because that's what they live on.

It is EXACTLY the same as us asshole Americans who raise cattle and chickens and pigs SPECIFICALLY so we can have beef and chicken and pork. It is the SAME THING. There is NO DIFFERENCE. And if some coalition from Scandinavia and Russia and China came over here, and started interfering with our cattle raising, and then barged in on St Patrick's Day making a big deal about it, we'd all raise a fuss and beat the hell out of them, because that's the kind of assholes we are.

AND YOU ASSHOLES ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. Do you not realize how stupid and intolerant and unnecessary it is? You make it out to be a big horrible thing, but it's not. Sure, you can talk about Oh, they kill so many whales the water RUNS RED WITH BLOOD! Have you EVER been inside a slaughterhouse where the cows that make your hamburgers and steaks, and the pigs that make your ham and your oh so precious bacon are killed? And the slaughterhouses operate ALL YEAR ROUND. The Faroe Islands harvest whale once, maybe twice a year, and that feeds everyone all year.

And WHERE THE HELL do you get off barging in on their celebration being pretentious douchebags and telling them off for doing everything differently then how you'd like it? Would you go to France on Bastille Day and scream at everyone for the senseless slaughter of frogs for their frog legs and snails for their escargot?

HOW DARE YOU refer to it as their "horrible secret"? It's no secret. Everyone knows about it. They've made no attempt to hide it, and for a thousand years, no one cared or bothered them, until YOU ASSHOLES came along and started FiretrUCKING with them, because it wasn't a thing. They weren't endangering the species, they weren't taking more than they needed, and they weren't doing it just for the hell of it.

They had a whole segment on the show about a guy from the Faroe Islands who was talking about how important it is to their culture and survival. He spoke about it in a reverential and respectful manner. It's not like they're killing them for sport, or for fun, or to gain manhood. It's FOOD. He spoke of them respectfully, and wasn't all redneck idiot "Yeah, I killed me a four hundred pounder all by myself. That's his flippers up on the wall there, a-hyuck."

In short, FiretrUCK you, Sea Shepherds and your pretentious douchebag asshole dickery. I can appreciate and support your fighting the Japanese who are doing it illegally in protected International Waters, but when your philosophy is "[My idea of] Justice over [Your country's] Law," barge into someone else's homeland, and tell them that the way they've always taken care of themselves and their families is wrong simply because you disagree with them (and even though your respective countries do the exact same thing, but with different animals), you're an asshole, and you get no respect from me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

All of the Alderaan Places

In this episode we provide pro tips for changing pants, identifying spam, eating McDonald's and offending southerners - and that's just the first half, folks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Butter Soaked Ecstasy

Our very special 40th episode marks the return of the llama-nun herself. Yes, we're joined by the legendary drmk and Dan of You Suck at Craigslist! Insert Kermit-style arm flailing yay here, cause they are awesome!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cheryl Talyor

Wild minisode appears! It uses a three pound axe... it's surprisingly complicated.

Sexy Arms the snow

Tycho heads to New Hampshire, Zoey's off to Baltimore, MD and the live studio audience helps out as we wade through all the confused 19 and/or 21 year old skid marks, fashionable kissing, winking-frowning-sad people, and a long overdue apology... sort of. We meet a guy who isn't a whole lot of things, Tycho learns the camping rules, but still doesn't ever want to go camping again.

I Work in Retail

Our second "let's call it January" minisode, which was recorded in December and uploaded in February!