Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not quite Craigslist, but close

I posted a fake ad in the personals section, because from time to time, I like to do that. It amuses me, and I like to see if anyone gets the joke.

Today, I received this spam response, which I thought I would share with you, because it evokes a funny image.

I know I'm asking alot, but trust me, I'm worth it
And pretend I'm yelling at you so it really gets through your head
I enjoy the beach, bowling, going out for a bite and having a few drinks, or cooking at home

That's a direct copy and paste. No monkeying around with it or anything.

The image that I love that came with it is the image of some chick yelling at me: "I ENJOY THE BEACH, BOWLING, GOING OUT FOR A BIT AND HAVING A FEW DRINKS, OR COOKING AT HOME"

Just picture that in your head for a moment.
Have a good day.