Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tycho and Zoey Geek Out About Doctor Who - 2. Blink / Time Crash

Thanks for being patient with us, folks! We're geeking out about Doctor Who again, going backwards while we await the new season. We'll talk about (or, for a fair bit of it, sit and be enthralled by) Blink and Time Crash in this episode :)

Wonderfully Large Nipples

In this episode we visit Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA, where we find out that the only compelling love stories are those that end in tragedy, Tycho cuts himself off mid-rant, and learn the true purpose of bras. We meet a guy in search of his premont home, and a guy who dresses up to post, then we ponder drug induced epiphanies and tricycle lessons. We find out that punctuation isn't required to be well rounded, but bowling is. Let get startis!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spelunking the Pleasure Caves

In this episode we visit Seattle, WA, Puerto Rico, and San Antonio, TX. We find old party hacks, a guy who over-qualifies, a guy who wants his neighbor to wear your sundress, a contract for love in time for Valentine's day. We read a whole ad about a guy looking for a big booty girl without invoking Sir Mix-A-Lot, run across lonely gingers, and Tycho completely misses the naked girl. Then we close on a couple of terrible jokes and a chain letter.