Monday, January 24, 2011

For Some Reason

In this episode, we visit Austin, TX and Madison, WI. We meet a guy whose dog sounds pretty interesting, one in the market for an au naturel hippie girl, and a fellow who actually understands why his ads aren't working and seeks appropriate help. We consider an opportunity to get in a psycho ex's line of fire, we are disappointed by a verse-writing, caps lock loving, Shakespeare referencer, somebody gets punched in the heart, and much more!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Danny McGuire from Scotstoun

In this episode, Tycho, Zoey and our intrepid guest host Sarah visit Houston, TX, Chicago, IL and Hawaii (again). We find out what it takes to make a halfway decent girl, meet a guy with some eyes, discuss bottom coffee, we discuss the difference between an exercise habit and drug addiction. Tycho falls asleep, but tries to pass it off as just listening to the girls talk. And fails. Towards the end, Tycho delves into casual racism. Again. And everyone passes up the obvious "coo coo ca choo" joke. Which Tycho spells "Goo goo ga joo." You can decide who is right, there.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tycho and Zoey Geek Out About Doctor Who - 1. A Christmas Carol

Starting with the 2010 Christmas special, we're doing a sub-series to have a geek fest about Doctor Who. If the Doctor isn't your thing, skip along to the next regular episode. :)

Peggerton McAssumesalot

In this episode we visit Orange County, CA, Memphis, TN and Hawaii. We find more amazing things available at Costco, an ad that deserves its own soundtrack, water boiling champions, what chivalry is made of, and much, much more!

You Are the Cheese

This special episode is all outtakes, all the time - but at about the 23 minute mark, you'll need this link:

We are full of New Year's goodies

Three episodes coming shortly: a regular IoCL, our outtakes episode, and a new special sub-series! Enjoy!

- Zoey