Monday, September 13, 2010


In this episode we visit Albuquerque, NM and Atlanta, GA. Zoey finally completes a long-threatened intro, a serenade from Tycho, we encounter unreleased beta versions of the male of the species, an ad that takes the cake in being creepily specific, and Tycho steals the closing only to bluff through the summary.


  1. Tycho also wrote a very funny overview, but I was worried it'd be too long for itunes to deal with in a reasonable way, so I'm including it as a comment:

    In which our brave explorers travel to Abq, NM, and Atl, GA, fulfill the promise of the last two episodes and change up the intro, cheese puns ensue, Tycho sings (again. Badly.), Prostration is briefly touched upon- or something close to it, disturbing physical features are encountered, scent advice is given, An advanced version of a male makes a post, lies are faced down, the single creepiest ad ever seen is read and discussed, Tycho tells a joke, Zoey's cat attempts to steal Zoey's attention from the podcast, A foreign language is butchered and buried in an unmarked grave, and ultimately, our brave heroes learn that there is nothing here of the Lord. Finally, Zoey tries to keep the podcast going into eternity, Tycho's joke falls flat, and the entire last five minutes of the 'cast could have used a lot of editing, but Tycho refused to do it, because he's lazy. Also, he hates Dean Koontz.

    -- Zoey

  2. Here's the thing about this episode also-

    I edited it, and it was GREAT. I exported it to mp3, and sent it on to Zoey who wrote me back a couple days later and asked where the rest of the episode was.

    Ninja say what?

    So I went and checked it out, and sure enough, the last fifteen minutes had been deleted. Then I discovered much to my chagrin, that I had deleted the originals of the episode, and had no way to re-edit it. Zoey, fortunately, keeps everything in the world, and she sent it back to me, which I edited and spliced back in.

    That would be why I didn't fulfill the promise of the "Edit Edit Edit," because I was tired, depressed melancholy and irritated beyond all reasonable bounds about it.

    Also, there's no closing theme music and I don't remember if there was an outro. If there isn't, imagine it's me saying "Dean Koontz, you SUCK as a writer."

    Cause he does.