Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Shapes of the Letters

In this episode, we take the podcast international. Tycho visits Halifax, Nova Scotia, then gives up and heads to London, Zoey visits Toronto, we meet a guy who is sure you don't meet his criteria, and one with tools to help survive the zombie apocalypse. Zoey intends to reference Edward Tufte, but screws it up, then Tycho drops a bombshell. We also find a jackhammer-er with a very narrow area of focus, a lunch order, and another virgin.


  1. While we're in the neighbourhood, a thought on male virgins, religion, and the international security situation:

    If male jihadis are promised the attentions of 72 female virgins when they die, are female jihadis promised the attentions of 72 male virgins when they die? If so, is that why there are so very few female jihadis?

    I find that quite comforting. I mean, imagine how much scarier the world would be if radical imams started promising potential suicide bombers a KitKat and a good book.

  2. I think the more important question, and one that's bugged me since I first heard about it, is this:

    Once you've been with a virgin, they're not a virgin anymore. So, you have a maximum of 72 times before you have to have a non-virgin, and then you're stuck with THAT for all of eternity.

    So, I guess my question is, am I misunderstanding how that works? Is there something more to having 72 virgins than simply the sex? Cause if there is, I should like to be educated about it. I'm woefully undereducated about stuff like that.


  3. I never thought about the budgetary implications of the 72 virgins. Is it a flat-fee thing, or do jihadis get free refills?

    If there turns out to be a never-ending supply of virgins, it does give the jihadist afterlife a certain Sisyphean quality. It's got to reach a point, mid-eternity, where the jihadis are talking to the neighbours over the fence, trying to trade a few virgins for an Xbox.