Saturday, August 14, 2010

White Male On Sale

In this episode we travel to Las Vegas, NV and Topeka, KS. We found 1337 gamers, vowel economists, creepily helpful siblings, possibly the worst dating questionnaire ever, a very desperate fairy tale, a surprising uptick in the number of host rants, and Zoey harasses Tycho about his lack of blogging, when she's JUST AS GUILTY ABOUT NOT POSTING ANYTHING THERE HERSELF. Also, we issue two listener challenges; feel free to respond by email or comments on the blog!

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  1. Since I got in the first rant of the week, and it's something I feel pretty passionately about, I wanted to also drop in a few of my favorite girl-gamer links of the year:

    First, from Ars Technica, a piece from Ben Kuchera about Silicon Sisters. Their mission is to create, and influence other game designers to create, woman-friendly titles across platforms and genres, not games that pursue a female audience exclusively or in a twee, pandering way.

    Also, Stephen Totilo's piece at Kotaku about the "daddening" of video games is an excellent (and spoiler-free, if you're a gamer and still working your way through a backlog) look at the trend in father-as-main-character gaming. That may not sound like a girl gamer link, but it's the type of story telling that really appeals to me.

    Finally, my favorite girl gamer (that I don't actually know in person) of the moment is Ashly Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'. She and her brother Anthony (and, frequently, their father) make very silly videos about games and gamers. Ashly's recent rant on Ico was absolutely great (though not a video for the faint of heart) and as the girlfriend of a guy who is color deficient, the Puzzle Quest video raised a whole new line of questions. You can find everything Hey Ash related at or subscribe to their totally listen-worthy podcast on itunes:

    - Zoey