Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tycho's Craigslist Ad of The Week

I'm not even going to include any commentary for this. If you know the podcast, you know everything I'd say anyway, plus, I'm not feeling phenomenal, and I don't feel like thinking up funny stuff today.
im in a relationship been in one for a year n a half now. my girl is 24 im 28...ive cheated on her before cuz i wasnt happy n i told her n we moved on. I love my girl shes smart sexy n all that. But im realizing that i love thick girl is slim. also my girl hardly ever does her hair, i have to beg her to do her hair. She doesnt like to wear heels or dress up either..she jus plain jane..well i work at the mall. So thats not a good look for her because im always seeing beautiful women at work..sumtimes they seem interested in me but i can never get to know them because im in a relationship. I love thick women i like hair (straight) i love heels n nails u know a ladylike lady. our sex is okay but mostly when i put on a porno. Im a FREAK shes a lil more idk ladies i jus wanna make sure im in the right place. we have acoomplished sum nice things 2gether i mean we have a nice home. i jus want her to put forth more effort into her appearance n spice up the bedroom. But if u think u can be this lady write me n let me know. im not in a rush to leave my girl cuz i do love her but if i do leave her i need to make sure ur worth it. send me a pic or u can jus give me sum advice..i love older women..i know what i name is dwayne email me dwaynelevy at y mail


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