Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 quick things.

Thing the first:
Today is our one year Anniversary! Whoo! I didn't think we'd make it, and some might go so far as to say that really, we haven't, since we don't have fifty two episodes, but I'm okay with that. We're both busy people, with lives outside of the podcast, and sometimes life gets in the way. Every one knows that. So, here it is, a year. We're still in production, we have an episode coming out shortly, so I count that as a victory.

Thing the second:
We have episode 33 coming out shortly. I promise. It needs about 20 more minutes worth of editing, and then it's good to go to Zoey so she can upload it and publish it. We also have two Romantic Writing episodes in the can and ready to go. They just need to be uploaded and published. So. we are staying busy, and we have stuff ready, it just needs to go. We're working on that.

Thing the Third:
When I was eight years old, my dad took me to a video store- a little mom and pop store in the mall to rent "The Empire Strikes Back," which I had never seen, and had wanted to. While my dad went and got it, I was free to wander around and look at stuff, and when I came around the corner, I came face to face with a zombie. A big one. Crawling up out of his grave. Not a dry dusty zombie either. A dripping gory SCARY one. The shot cut to a bunch of zombies standing on a hill with the flames from whatever city they had just eaten their way through burning in the background. The new zombie climbed up out of his grave, joined his mates, and they all lurched off to go eat their way through some other unlucky city.

I didn't sleep for three days.

Since then, I've been terrified of anything even remotely related to zombies. I can't even watch the trailer for a zombie movie without getting creeped out. When I first heard about the event known as a "Zombie Walk," I almost threw up. I am TERRIFIED of Zombies, and anything to do with them.

Which is really a shame, because I know that I would LOVE a good zombie story. It's really right in my wheelhouse. A small group standing against a large one and surviving by their wits, strategy, a large helping of luck, and using whatever weapon comes to hand? IN.
Zombies? OUT. Can't do it. It's a block in my head, and I can't work around it. Even listening to the How Stuff Works podcast on Zombies- just talking about the Hatian type of Drug Induced Zombies freaked me out and had me looking over my shoulder all night at work.

So I hear people talking about The Walking Dead comic book series, and how good it is, and the twists and turns it takes, and I want to love it. I want to enjoy it, and get the "Holy crap what?" feeling I get when ever something takes me by surprise, but I can't, because it's FRICKIN' ZOMBIES, and zombies terrify me.

This is my life, my life, my life.

Thing the fourth:
I'm writing again.


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