Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Watch Out for Chupacabras

In this episode we visit Washington, D.C. and Chicago, IL. Tycho nails the introduction, eventually. We meet a guy who is unusually honest about his strange or stupid offer, then have a run in with clamity Jane, old-school radio jingles, things you have to find out by yourself, and a guy who is far too modest to toot his own horn. We find a guy we end up rooting for, but he's followed up by a total leech. In a surprise ending, Zoey passes up an opportunity to rant, even though a guy was totally worth ranting over.

1 comment:

  1. It occurs to me NOW that what I SHOULD HAVE DONE was, during the Beatles post, I should have gone into my complete Beatles collection, and pulled out those segments of songs, and pasted them right into the reading.

    That's a dropped ball right there. Sorry everyone. Maybe I'll include it in the next episode as the outro or something.