Sunday, May 22, 2011

Horse Cack

In this episode we make our epic return to Canada! Tycho heads to Edmonton, ON and Zoey visits Vancouver, BC. We meet guys with terrible eating habits, a guy who warns us good stuff are coming, and we give a shout out to RinkWorks. Also, Tycho gets away with dismissing the entire literary tradition of satire because pizza arrives, we're assured that better v can come along, and much more!


  1. Thank you! An hilarious episode/agonizing anthropological study. The embarrassment is so much more painful when it's my own country. ;)

  2. As I was saying the line about Satire in text, I was thinking to myself that satire would not even EXIST without text, and I was going to correct myself, but then the pizza arrived, and I got distracted.

    So, I do realize that satire works best with text, and I tend to talk out my butt without thinking about stuff, because mostly I'm an idiot.

  3. Jonathan Swift would totally have podcasted if it hadn't been the early 18th century. ;)